Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Hardwood

My hardwood floors are 9 years old. During that time many dog claws, dog bones, bike shoe cleats, dropped dishes, and general wear and tear had taken their toll on the hardwood floors. I like to think of it as "rustic", or "distressed", but it was obvious that they needed refinishing.

Last week we moved all of the furniture out of the first floor (read: pain in the ass), packed our bags, and stayed at the elegant Residence Inn Fort Collins. It's pretty weird staying in a hotel in your own town.

The end result is some great looking floors by my friend Barry Schmidt of Schmidt Custom Floors. I've heard horror stories from several people about all the dust in their house from having floor sanded down, so I was shocked (and happy) to find our house almost completely dust-free. (Well, as dust-free as usual anyway.) We also took the opportunity to go with a lighter stain and we're really happy with the way it looks. It feels like our house just got a facelift.

Before refinishing:
Hardwood before refinishing

After refinishing:
Hardwood floors after refinishing