Tuesday, March 23, 2010

United - Why do you hate me

Christine and I had an awesome weekend planned last weekend. She was flying from Seattle to Denver and then we were both flying down to the Austin for a fun weekend of bike riding and music at the SXSW music festival. SXSW has been on the to-do list for a while, and I was really excited to finally get to go.

But then United Airlines had to come along and screw us. At around 2PM they canceled our 8PM flight for a "mechanical problem". Normally they'd try to rebook you on another flight, but "normal" doesn't apply when you're trying to fly into Austin during SXSW. Every single flight to Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, an Houston was full and/or overbooked until Tuesday. The gate agent tried and tried, but nothing was available.

I don't know if anyone told United, but Denver is a MAJOR hub for them. What, they can't find any extra birds to put in the air? Shit, I would have settled for a flight the next morning. What impossible to find part did they need to fix the other plane, a flux capacitor? But really, United, what exactly was your plan? You were going to let Christine fly from Seattle to Denver knowing that you had absolutely no way to get her to her final destination?

So bummed. Snow was about to hit Colorado and I was so looking forward to getting in a few days of solid riding and hanging down in Austin with Christine. If I had written this post a few days ago it would have have been laced with a lot more colorful language. But I still had a great weekend, it was just in a different place. Life is good. I'll save the vitriol for my email to United. I hate wasting my time and energy and United wasted a lot of both.

My blog is moving

I'm moving my blog. My new address is http://wheelsuck.blogspot.com/.

I expect there will be some hiccups as I get things transitioned over and things start to trickle to Twitter and Facebook, so bear with me. Over at the new site, you can enter your email address and get an email when I update the blog. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed there (or point your feed reader to http://feeds.feedburner.com/wheelsuck). I haven't settled on the layout of the new place yet, so don't be surprised if that's in flux.

All of my old public LiveJournal posts are ported over there. It'd be great if you could search my blog, but ironically the search feature is broken on the blogging site owned by Google.